Limousine Prices: How to Calculate Your Evansville Limo Rental Costs

Planning a special event in Evansville and considering booking a limousine? At Evansville Limo Company, we know that cost is an important factor when deciding on transportation. Although prices vary based on your specific needs, this guide will give you a general idea of what to expect when renting a limo in the Evansville area.

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Limousine Prices: How to Calculate Your Evansville Limo Rental Costs

Average Limo Rental Costs in Evansville

Here are the average hourly rental rates for our most popular limo types in Evansville:

  • Sedan: $65-$285 per hour
  • Stretch Limousine: $155-$255 per hour
  • Stretch SUV: $160-$290 per hour
  • Stretch Hummer: $170-$300 per hour
  • Party Bus: $150-$300+ per hour

Keep in mind that every quote is customized, so your exact rate will depend on variables like the date, length of rental, and your specific needs. For example, rates are often higher on weekends and holidays when demand is increased. Most companies, including ours, also require longer minimum rentals for larger vehicles.

Factors That Determine Limo Rental Prices

Several variables impact how much your limo rental will cost in Evansville. Here are some of the main factors that affect pricing:

Number of Passengers

The number of people in your group is a major cost factor. Stretch limos and vans come in set capacities, so choosing a vehicle that fits your headcount is key. Avoid overpaying for unused seats or scrambling to book multiple limos.

Trip Duration

Most companies have hourly minimums, such as 3 hours on weekdays or 4 hours on weekends. Longer rentals extending over 4-6 hours or all day have discounted hourly rates. Always clarify if wait time counts towards rental duration.

Time of Year

Demand for limos peaks around prom season (April-May), homecoming (Sept.-Oct.), and the winter holidays. Prices are often highest during these busy times and lowest in January-March. Book 6+ months out for prime dates.

Day of the Week

Weekend rentals are generally more expensive than weekday rentals. Sunday through Thursday are typically the cheapest days to book.

Extra Amenities

Additional features like flat-screen TVs, laser light shows, and onboard bars can add $25-$100+ per hour. Know what’s included so there are no surprises.

Evansville Limo Rental Cost Examples

To give you a better idea of how these variables affect real-world pricing, here are some average cost examples for common limo rental scenarios in the Evansville area:

Birthday Party Bus Rental

For his 21st birthday, Carson wants to rent the biggest party bus available to shuttle 15 friends for a festive night out in Evansville. The Saturday night rental spans 8 full hours, allowing plenty of time for bar hopping and post-celebration food. The party bus company quotes Carson $300 per hour for the luxury coach bus that holds up to 30 passengers. For the 8-hour rental on a Saturday night, the total comes to $2,400. With an included 20% gratuity, Carson’s complete party bus rental cost is $2,880.

Corporate Event Limo Service

A local company needs to provide transportation for 5 VIP clients who are flying into Evansville Regional Airport for a corporate retreat. Evansville Limo will pick them up from the airport, transport them to the Doubletree Hotel to check in, and later take them to the Oakley’s restaurant for dinner. This 3-hour trip only requires one stretch limo for the 5 passengers. Evansville Limo quotes ABC Company $125 per hour for the executive limo service. The total for the 3 hours comes to $375. With a 15% gratuity, the complete corporate event limo cost is $431.

Wedding Limo Shuttles

Taylor and Alex have booked the Old National Events Plaza ballroom for their May wedding reception, which 25 guests will be attending. They only need limo transportation for 4 hours to shuttle guests from the Doubletree Hotel to the reception venue.

The group is too large for one standard stretch limo, so two vehicles are required. For a Saturday night in peak season, Taylor and Alex are quoted $170 per hour per vehicle. Their 4-hour rental totals $1,360. With a 20% gratuity, the complete limo rental cost is $1,632.

Prom Limousine Rental

Sarah’s parents want to rent a limo to drive her and 4 friends to prom. They only need the limo for 3 hours – 1 hour before the dance for photos and dinner, transportation to the event venue, and then 3 hours of wait time during the actual prom.

The rental company quotes $240 per hour for a Saturday night limo rental. This includes the driver waiting outside the prom venue and being available to pick the group up when they are ready. The 3-hour rental totals $720. With an added 18% gratuity, Sarah’s prom limo cost is $849.6.

Tips for Saving on Your Evansville Limo or Bus

Now that you know what sets Evansville limo and party bus pricing, here are some helpful tips to maximize value for your special event:

Book early – Prices are lowest when you reserve at least 1-2 months in advance. Last-minute rentals will incur a higher rate.

Consider an off-peak time – Weeknight and Sunday rentals are not as popular, so you may get a discount compared to Friday or Saturday.

Get bundled packages – We may be able to offer wedding ceremony + reception bundles or winery tour packages at an overall discounted price.

Share the cost – Splitting the limo rental bill among all passengers reduces the burden for one person.

Compare companies – Get quotes from several highly-rated companies before choosing your provider; there can be big differences!

Plan your route – Add up the mileage and hours ahead of time to avoid surprise surcharges for extra stops or hours.

Ready to Rent Your Evansville Limo?

Now that you know what goes into Evansville limo rental costs, you can budget for your special event transportation accordingly. Unlike rideshares or taxis, limos allow you to ride in upscale style with your whole entourage. And it’s often comparable in price or cheaper than groups taking multiple Ubers or Lyfts. For a custom quote on the perfect limo rental for your Evansville occasion, give our team a call at (317) 229-6482 today. From prom to weddings and everything in between, we’ll make sure your celebration includes a memorable limo experience!